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My 5th Annual MOSAIC!

Posted by on Monday, March 21, 2011 in General Information.

At the beginning of last semester, I had lunch with Michael Flores, one of last year’s MOSAIC prospective students.  With shining eyes, he spilled, “JEAN! I absolutely LOVE Vanderbilt.  I love the food.  I love my house Murray.  I love the people I’ve met here.  I love everything about it!”  Besides our love for Vanderbilt, Michael and I share something else:  MOSAIC is the main reason that we came to Vanderbilt.  The exciting interaction with college students, the fun, creative, and informative events, the food, the Vanderbilt spirit… EVERYTHING about MOSAIC was gripping.  Having gone through the experience, I came into college, knowing that I want to be part of the MOSAIC team that fashions the experience. I’ve had the privilege to help implement the program by being part of the MOSAIC student executive board for the past three years, watching it change and grow even more influential.  MOSAIC continues to be a crucial factor in many students’ experiences and decision to attend Vanderbilt.  As student co-chair this year, I am honored to come full circle and make MOSAIC 2011 better than ever, finishing out my four years at Vanderbilt with the same upbeat tone that MOSAIC started and continue to help convince more eager faces to come to the best school in the nation.

This year has been the BEST MOSAIC thus far.  We had enthusiastic prospective students, great activities, awesome board, and pumped-up volunteers! Hopefully, the prospective students were able to get a taste of Vanderbilt’s spirit and what it has to offer, and I hope those who feel like Vandy’s a right fit will COME!