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ASB in New Hampshire

Posted by on Monday, March 14, 2011 in Alternative Spring Break, Extracurriculars, Service, Spring Break, Student Life.

Alternative Spring Break (ASB) at Vanderbilt University was the first program of its kind and was established by Vanderbilt students in 1987 and today is one of the most popular service organizations on campus. I would definitely recommend that every Vanderbilt student participate in ASB at least once before the graduate. It can truly be an eye-opening or even life changing experience for some people.

I spent this past week in Greenfield, New Hampshire a small town of less than 2,000 people volunteering at Crotched Mountain a medical and educational campus that includes a rehabilitation center as well as a school for the physically and mentally disabled. Residents on the medical campus range from young children to the elderly. This was my second trip through Vanderbilt ASB but my first time being exposed to this type of service and it was very interesting to observe the highly specialized care each client needs. Over the course of the week, I was able to interact with clients in rehabilitation centers on the campus and assist in the Crotched Mountain School.

While service is a fundamental component of ASB, becoming friends with your site members and learning about each others lives is also an important part of the overall experience. In retrospect, it is truly remarkable how conducting a service project with fellow students that you most likely don’t know before the break can make you great friends when you return to Vanderbilt.

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