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Week Update

Posted by on Sunday, January 23, 2011 in Academics, Economics, Student Life.

This week was awesome!  It kicked off with me trying out a new church:  Green Hills Church, service takes place at Cabana (a nice restaurant on 21st avenue).  I went to visit this church with my friend Brian because my usual ride (with my friend Martha) to Grace Community Church was out of town on a Vanderbilt Navigators Leadership retreat. Then on Monday, there was MLK day with no classes – first time in Vanderbilt’s history.  Classes finally started to pick up Tuesday to Friday.

On Friday, I got to meet the Co-directors of the Vanderbilt Law and Economics Ph.D. Program (Kip Viscusi and Joni Hersch) as well as 8 out of 9 of the students in the program.  It was a fun time.  We had some food and some good conversation.  They taught me a lot about the integrated nature and advantages of the program as well as student social and academic life.  Vanderbilt is definitely one of my top choices, so going here would be amazing!  Well, I won’t have a decision to announce until March when all of the grad school decisions come in!

A little bit about the admissions process:  Law school is rolling.  I finished submitting all of my law schools the first week of December.  The review for my application started end of December, so I’ve still got a 1-2 months till I hear back from them.  For economics graduate school, all decisions come out at one time.  Typically it’s last week of February and into all of March pending on the specific school.  It’ll be exciting to find out the results, but till then, I’m enjoying second semester senior year!

Tonight (Saturday), I got to see NINE, Vanderbilt Off Broadway’s musical!  It was just fabulous.  Many of my senior friends were in it, and it was a treat to watch them sing and dance.  At Vanderbilt, there’s so many performance groups – amazing talent everywhere.

So that’s my week update! Next week more to come.

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