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Outside of Greek Life

Posted by on Monday, January 17, 2011 in College Life, Diversity, Freshman Life, General Information, Greek Life, Service.

This week, about 50% of the women in the class of 2014 participated in Panhellenic Recruitment, which ended with yesterday’s Bid Day. The week was full of fun activities and girls were extremely busy mingling with sorority sisters and finding the right house for them. All five of my closest friends went through recruitment and ultimately ended up receiving bids from their first or second choices. I, however, did not, because I do not think that Greek Life is for me.

I’m not going to lie, but yesterday, when my friends went to accept their bids, I felt upset and regret. Should I have gone through recruitment? Can I survive the seeming abundance of Greek Life? I quickly realized that the best part about Vanderbilt is the plethora of activities that were available to me outside the Greek community.

This weekend, Dean Wcislo, of the Commons, planned a trip to the Frist to see the Impressionism exhibit and then invited everyone over for a catered meal with his family. This weekend was also the MLK weekend of service. There were so many projects to choose from, ranging from feeding the homeless to volunteering at the Nashville Zoo. The projects all led up to the Freedom March, which took place this morning in honor of Dr. King.

Essentially, though most of my friends have now gone Greek, I will use this as an opportunity to make new friends, both in the Greek system and not, and get involved on campus.

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