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Old Friends and New Adventures

Posted by on Tuesday, November 2, 2010 in General Information.

Whew does time fly by! I can’t believe it is already half way through the semester. This week my boss at my internship took me out to my “half-way-there” lunch and my professor told us, “well class, today you are officially half-way done with your deliverables for the semester.” This is a very scary thought because it means that I am one-fourth of the way through my senior year! So far this year we have had 7 football games, 1 fall break, a whole week of Homecoming festivities, 8 weeks of classes, a zillion club meetings, a few late nights in the library, 1 Family weekend, and a ton of fun! Will someone please make it slow down?!

Click “read more” to see more about my favorite moments of the first fourth of senior year!

  • Brooks & Dunn Concert! Happy Birthday to me, Love mom and dad! In September I got to attend the “last” (I’m feeling a come-back tour!) Brooks and Dunn concert ever in Nashville with one of my best friends from growing up, and it was absolutely amazing! Nashville has an unbelievable music scene, and not just country music either (even though I am quite partial to it). Not only do all types of acts come to perform here in Music City, but they also have some of the best venues around to do it in. Whether you want an intimate acoustic concert with 20 other groupies or a stadium roaring with screaming fans, Nashville is the place to be.
  • Football Tailgates! This one is kind of unfair, because football tailgates have always been one of my favorite past times since I was that little 2-year old standing on the sidelines in my WFU cheerleading outfit. However, to this day, 19 years later, I am still in love with fall Saturdays spent grilling out, enjoying a cold beverage, radio playing in the background and being surrounded with friends and family. Vanderbilt is a great place for tailgating and then enjoying a competitive SEC game!
  • Homecoming! This past weekend was homecoming and there were activities lined up all week long for everyone, students, professors and alumni to enjoy. These activities range from the homecoming to parade, to a scavenger hunt, to eating contests, to a huge concert called Quake. Now, being a senior during homecoming week does have its perks — we know all of the alumni from the past few years who come back! You get to see all of your old friends from past years, reliving the memories and enjoying being together again.
  • HOD Internship! As I mentioned in my last post back in September, I am completing a 32 hour a week internship this semester at Athlon Sports. The work hours, along with many deliverables and a senior project, satisfy a whole semester’s worth of credits for my major. So far I have absolutely loved my time at Athlon! I dove right in when I got here and have been going strong ever since. I don’t even feel like an intern anymore; because of all of the responsibility and respect I have gotten as a Vanderbilt student entering their workplace, I feel like I am treated just like another capable and responsible employee they have hired. Not only does it satisfy credits, but it is also a great way to get work experience and have a chance to reflect on it during our weekly class sessions.

Check back soon for more updates about Vanderbilt and life as a senior!