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Post-Concert update on the Melodores

Posted by on Friday, April 23, 2010 in College Life, Freshman Life, General Information, Music, Nashville.

This was the big week for the Melodores. We had rehearsal every day leading up to our concert (which was yesterday). Hours and hours of practice finally paid off during our concert, entitled “The Meloship of the Ring.” Many asked if our concert had anything to do with Lord of the Rings and it really didn’t, except for the fact that we decided to open the show with the epic “Pippin’s song” from the screenplay. I had an absolute BLAST last night. Of course the whole group was a bit nervous before the show but the audience was so energized as soon as we got on stage that all of our apprehensions were relieved. As any performer knows – the vibe from the audience is the factor that can put a show over the top. This show was no exception. It’s like we could do no wrong up there on stage. I Loved the Vanderbilt crowd. They cheered (and enthusiastically) at EVERYTHING. It was a great feeling knowing they were supporting our every move. I will keep anybody that is interested updated with links of the show when we get them online.

Another large part of most every show at Vanderbilt is affiliation with a service project. Our event involved a group on campus called “Pearls for Life” which is associated with Pinnacle Pearls, an organization dedicated to fighting water contamination in third world countries. It’s always something to think about; while we are enjoying ourselves here, there is always somebody suffering somewhere out there. Donating and raising awareness is least we can do to show our love for global humanity.

Last thing – the Melodores will be recording a CD at Dark Horse studios starting this Sunday. We are so excited to have the privilege to live in such a prominent city for music.

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