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January, 2010


Jan. 18, 2010—The residual effect of the first semester is starting to set in. I am noticing simple things paying off, like all the drilling from Music Theory I. Yes, repetition is annoying, but now I don’t have to worry about thinking “which note is which on the staff?” and “which chord would come next in a...

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Back to School

Jan. 17, 2010—The first official week of classes are done, albeit only a three-day week. What counts is that I have met all of my professors, gotten all the syllabi and received the expectations of each class. My schedule is a lot fuller than it was last semester, so I have done something I never thought I...

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1st semester in review

Jan. 15, 2010—First entry of the year, so obviously not much spring semester class to talk about…the focus will be on the end of 1st semester. Exams were surprisingly manageable. It wasn’t like the stereotypical sleepless two weeks that “every college student” has to endure. I was delighted to find out that paying attention in my classes...

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Starting Anew

Jan. 13, 2010—It’s strange that it is the start of a new semester. New books. New notebooks. New professors. New classmates. New routine. No matter how many semesters I go through, adjustment at the beginning is difficult. It started on January 7th when I returned for resident adviser spring training. I was very excited to see all...

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Happy New Year

Jan. 2, 2010—Being that today is only the second day of the new year, I would like to examine a problem I hear people discussing; how to shorten the year like I have known ever since my childhood. In the 90’s it was always like 98 or 99 but as soon as we hit the early 2000’s...

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