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‘alumni lawn’

OUA’s “Double ‘Dores”

Oct. 23, 2017—At Vanderbilt we have a term for undergraduate students who continue their education at one of Vanderbilt’s graduate or professional schools: Double ‘Dore. However, in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, we have a different kind of “Double Dore,” an admissions counselor who attended Vanderbilt as an undergraduate student and now works here as a counselor....

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Congratulations, #vu2014

May. 13, 2014—Last week Vanderbilt held a huge celebration as some of our favorite students became some of our favorite alumni.

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Housing Options for Those Other Years

Mar. 10, 2014—Vanderbilt student have 22 residential halls to choose from after completing their first year on The Ingram Commons.

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(One of the Most) Wonderful Times of Year

Jul. 26, 2012—The Common Application and other key documents go live in just a few days and we couldn't be more excited.

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Leave Kafka at Home — it’s Rites of Spring

Feb. 29, 2012—Ryan on the Rites of Spring music festival and why sometimes it's nice to have a distraction.

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Things to do While Awaiting Admissions Decisions

Feb. 14, 2012—Ryan doles out some ideas for passing the time between now and the Regular Decision mail date.

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