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OUA’s “Double ‘Dores”

Posted by on Monday, October 23, 2017 in Alumni, Vandy Bloggers.

At Vanderbilt we have a term for undergraduate students who continue their education at one of Vanderbilt’s graduate or professional schools: Double ‘Dore. However, in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, we have a different kind of “Double Dore,” an admissions counselor who attended Vanderbilt as an undergraduate student and now works here as a counselor. While you may know us as your Vanderbilt admissions counselors, there was a time where we were in your shoes, searching for a college to call home for the next for years. We have admissions counselors who come from all over the country. We each had our own college search process and experience. A few of our admissions officers, including yours truly, found a collegiate home  at Vanderbilt University. Here’s what a few of our OUA “Double ‘Dores” have to say about their VU experiences:

Maria Ornelas
Denver, CO
Class of 2005, College of Arts and Science
Major: Anthropology
Minor: Sociology

What is your favorite Vanderbilt memory?

I remember serving as a campus host for a few prospective students, having them attend classes with me and showing them around campus. One of these students came to Vanderbilt the following year and eventually joined my sorority with me. She is still one of my best friends!

Best campus dining spot:

I would still say The Pub, especially for their waffle fries!

Melina Prentakis
Middleton, MA
Class of 2015, Peabody College
Major: Human and Organizational Development

When did you know that you wanted to call Vanderbilt home?

I heard about the Human and Organizational Development major at a college fair my senior year and I immediately thought “That’s exactly what I want to study!”

Favorite campus study location:

Under the Calhoun Arch

Mary Beth Tift
Brentwood, TN
Class of 2004, Peabody College
Major: Human and Organizational Development


Why did you want to become a Vanderbilt admissions officer?

I had just finished my Masters in Higher Education Administration and was fascinated with the area of Enrollment Management. I loved what seemed like a great balance of working with students and learning everything that goes into crafting a class and growing a campus community!

Favorite study location:

Alumni Lawn

John Nesbitt
Winston-Salem, NC
Class of 2006, College of Arts and Science
Major: European History and Art

What is your favorite Vanderbilt memory?

It would be impossible to pick only one, but senior year Rites of Spring was one epic weekend! Also studying art history in Florence, Italy for four months is a phenomenal memory.

Favorite Vanderbilt class:

History of World War II with Michael Bess!

Julianna Staples
Hopkinsville, KY
Class of 2008, College of Arts and Science
Majors: Sociology and English

What was your favorite Vanderbilt class?

I can’t pick just one! Here’s one for each of my majors:
Sociology – Schools and Society: The Sociology of Education (fun fact: this class helped me find my career)
English – America on Film: Art and Ideology

What organizations were you involved in?

AmbassaDores: Tour Guides, Vanderbilt Student Government, Honor Council Appellate Board, Leadership Vanderbilt, DoreWays: Leadership Odyssey, Alpha Kappa Delta (Sociology Honors Society), Alpha Omicron Pi, Vanderbilt Student Volunteers for Science, and VanderBuddies. Is it too obvious to say that Tour Guides was my favorite? Well, it was!



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