Your Admissions Counselor

At Vanderbilt, we believe in the importance of providing personal attention to each individual within the context of a high volume, highly selective admissions process. Our admissions counselors are available throughout the college search and application process.

Note:  Your counselor is based on the location of the high school you attend at the time of your graduation. If you attend a boarding school, select the location of that boarding school, not the location of your permanent residence. If you are a transfer applicant, your counselor is based on the location of the high school from which you graduated. 

For information on admission to Vanderbilt's graduate schools and programs, visit the university's academics page.

If you do not see your area listed, please use visit our contact page to contact our office. 

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United States

Alabama Kaila Brown
Alaska Allison Key
Arizona Julianna Staples
Arkansas Arianna Yarritu
California — San Diego Area and Southern Orange County Sam Joustra
California — The Bay Area and Northern California Your Counselor To Be Announced
California — Los Angeles Area and Northern Orange County Your Counselor To Be Announced
Colorado Sam Joustra
Connecticut Shane McGuire
Delaware Annalise Miyashiro
District of Columbia Annalise Miyashiro
Florida — Broward, Martin, & Palm Beach Counties Leslie Sanderfur
Florida — Panhandle, Crown, Central, and Southwest Florida Arianna Yarritu
Florida — Miami-Dade County Jason McGrath
Georgia — Fulton County Leslie Sanderfur
Georgia — Northeast and Northwest Georgia Harper Haynes
Georgia — Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Douglas, Fayette, Gwinnett, Henry, & Rockdale Counties & South Georgia Kaila Brown
Hawaii John Gaines
Idaho Your Counselor To Be Announced
Illinois — Chicago - Remaining Suburbs Kim Struglinski
Illinois — Rockford, Central, and Southern Illinois Keldrick Stephens
Illinois — City of Chicago Ricky Thrash
Illinois — Chicago - North Shore, Evanston, and Skokie Tricia Blumenthal
Indiana — Northern and Southern Indiana Garth Parke
Indiana — Indianapolis and Central Indiana Julianna Staples
Iowa Annalise Miyashiro
Kansas Keldrick Stephens
Kentucky Janessa Dunn
Louisiana Ferrell Armstrong
Maine Shane McGuire
Maryland Annalise Miyashiro
Massachusetts Shane McGuire
Michigan Garth Parke
Minnesota Garth Parke
Mississippi Sam Joustra
Missouri Keldrick Stephens
Montana Sam Joustra
Nebraska Annalise Miyashiro
Nevada Your Counselor To Be Announced
New Hampshire Shane McGuire
New Jersey Your Counselor To Be Announced
New Mexico Julianna Staples
New York — Upstate & Western New York Melina Prentakis
New York — Manhattan & Queens Jan Deike
New York — Westchester County John Nesbitt
New York — Bronx, Brooklyn, & Staten Island Your Counselor To Be Announced
New York — Long Island Scotty Kominkiewicz
North Carolina Allison Key
North Dakota Annalise Miyashiro
Ohio — Northern Ohio Melina Prentakis
Ohio — Central and Southern Ohio Janessa Dunn
Oklahoma Ferrell Armstrong
Oregon Your Counselor To Be Announced
Pennsylvania — City of Philadelphia and Montgomery County Julie Chapman
Pennsylvania — Pittsburgh and Remaining Pennsylvania Melina Prentakis
Rhode Island Shane McGuire
South Carolina Harper Haynes
South Dakota Annalise Miyashiro
Tennessee — Chattanooga Area and Upper Cumberland Harper Haynes
Tennessee — Knoxville Area and East Tennessee Garth Parke
Tennessee — Memphis Area and West Tennessee Ricky Thrash
Tennessee — Middle Tennessee (other than Davidson County) Mary Beth Tift
Tennessee — Davidson County Mary Comfort Stevens
Territory — Puerto Rico Harper Haynes
Territory — U.S. Virgin Islands Harper Haynes
Territory — Guam Harper Haynes
Texas — Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth & San Antonio Areas Ben Gutierrez
Texas — Remaining Texas Ferrell Armstrong
Texas — Greater Houston Maria Ornelas
Utah Your Counselor To Be Announced
Vermont Shane McGuire
Virginia — Richmond and Remaining Virginia Melina Prentakis
Virginia — Northern Virginia Scotty Kominkiewicz
Washington Allison Key
West Virginia Janessa Dunn
Wisconsin Garth Parke
Wyoming Sam Joustra


Africa — Sub-Saharan Africa Allison Key
Africa — North Africa Ferrell Armstrong
Australia & New Zealand Mary Comfort Stevens
Canada Allison Key
Caribbean Ben Gutierrez
Central America Ben Gutierrez
Central Asia & the Caucasus Mary Comfort Stevens
China China Team
East Asia - Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan John Nesbitt
Europe John Nesbitt
India and South Asia Ferrell Armstrong
Mexico Ben Gutierrez
Middle East Ferrell Armstrong
South America Ben Gutierrez
Southeast Asia - Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam Julie Chapman
The United Kingdom and Finland John Gaines

Home School

Home School Students Mary Comfort Stevens