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‘Majors at Vanderbilt’

Ask the Tour Guides: Favorite Classes

Nov. 6, 2017—One of the best parts of Vanderbilt is the academic flexibility you have as a student. Although you apply to one of Vanderbilt’s four undergraduate schools, once you get here you can take classes in any of the undergraduate schools and even have a second major or a minor in a school other than your home...

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What Should I Major In?

Nov. 2, 2016—“What should I major in?” As an admissions officer, this is a question I frequently get from high school seniors in the college search process. Well-prepared high school students have nearly endless opportunities in front of them, and that can be a bit overwhelming at times. But have no fear; the Vanderbilt Admissions Blog is...

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Scholarship – The Vanderbilt Community Creed

Apr. 6, 2016—Editor’s Note:  The Vanderbilt Community Creed is a statement of shared community values created by VU students. The Creed reflects the principles our community holds dear and serves as inspiration for the intellectual and personal growth Vanderbilt students strive toward. In this series of blog posts, we will explore the Community Creed–not just its lofty...

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Finding Your Major

Oct. 28, 2013—Considering the academic programs available at prospective schools is an important step in your college search or college application process. Explore Vanderbilt's undergraduate programs of study with our online "Find Your Major" resource.

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New OUA Website = One-Click Connect to Vandyland

Nov. 11, 2009—Today we debuted our newly structured and redesigned website to our prospective students families and high school partners. Features of the new site a streamlined and dramaticall simplified structure where all of the admissions/financial aid/Vanderbilt information you've asked for is one click away including a "find your major" drop down. No more having to crawl through dozens of websites just to find your major.

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