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‘Black Cultural Center’

Diverse ‘Dores Day 2018

Sep. 12, 2018—Each fall since 2014, the Vanderbilt community has celebrated Diverse ‘Dores Day, an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to visit campus identity spaces and learn more about their services, programming, and staff members. Last week, I stopped by the 2018 celebration to learn more about this annual event, which is sponsored by the Office...

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Hanging out with Vanderbilt Students, Diversity Edition

Dec. 28, 2015—Today we continue our series of Google Hangouts with current students with a discussion about campus diversity. The conversation includes topics such as student organizations, campus cultural resources, the student experience, move-in, and more. Check out the full discussion in the video below. You can view our previous Google Hangouts at the links below: Academics...

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Introducing Your Heads of House

Apr. 19, 2012—Meet the faculty who have chosen to live with our first year students in The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons.

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Representing Your Culture at VU

Feb. 22, 2012—Carolyn highlights some of the many cultural student organizations on campus.

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