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April, 2019

This Summer, Get a PreVU of Vanderbilt

Apr. 25, 2019—Registration for PreVU, Vanderbilt’s summer campus visit program for rising high school seniors, is now open – don’t miss out on your chance to PreVU Vanderbilt this summer! Here on campus, the signs of spring are everywhere, from the blossoms on the trees to the students getting ready for finals. Commencement is just weeks away,...

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The Vanderbilt Waitlist: True and False

Apr. 24, 2019—So you have been placed on the waitlist — congrats! While this may not have been the news you were hoping for, it’s an accomplishment that should be celebrated! If you were placed on the waitlist, this means that we think you’d be a good addition to the Vanderbilt Class of 2023. However, with only...

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Spotlight on the Arts at Vanderbilt

Apr. 18, 2019—I am often amazed at the wide range of interests and involvement I see in Vanderbilt students. Econ majors who are into theatre, musicians who love to code, engineers who sing a capella — you see these kinds of interesting combinations all over the place at Vanderbilt. For many students, a passion for the arts...

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Spotlight on Research

Apr. 11, 2019—I often hear from prospective students who are currently participating in their own research projects — independently, at their high schools, or even in collaboration with college students or professors at local universities — and want to continue to pursue research at Vanderbilt. So today we’re going to shine a spotlight on undergraduate research opportunities at...

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Join us for Vanderbilt and You!

Apr. 5, 2019—Congratulations Class of 2023! We are so excited to officially welcome you to the Commodore community! Whether you are still making your final decision about college or have already claimed your spot in the class, we hope you’ll join us at a Vanderbilt & You reception! Welcome to our newest class of Commodores! Congratulations and...

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