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Vanderbilt Road Show

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We're going on tour. Come see us in venues across the country.

This year, the Vanderbilt Office of Undergraduate Admissions will travel to a series of Road Show events across the country. Each ninety-minute program features a media presentation led by admissions officers covering Vanderbilt University's academic programs, campus life, the admissions process, and financial aid opportunities. There will be plenty of time for questions and conversation.

2019 Road Shows 

All times local

Spring Road Shows

Location Date Time Venue Registration
Taipei, Taiwan 4/11/2019 6:00 PM Taipei American School Register
Shanghai, China 4/13/2019 2:00 PM JW Marriott Shanghai Tomorrow Square Register
Seattle, WA 4/25/2019 7:00 PM Bellevue High School Register
Portland, OR 4/30/2019 7:00 PM Lake Oswego High School Register
London, United Kingdom 5/11/2019 1:00 PM American School in London Register
Phoenix, AZ 5/22/2019 7:00 PM Chaparral High School Register

 Late Summer Road Shows - Dates, Venues, and Registration information coming soon.

Birmingham, AL St. Louis, MO
Huntsville, AL Las Vegas, NV
Fairbanks, AK North Jersey, NJ
Anchorage, AK Central Jersey, NJ
Phoenix, AZ Albuquerque, NM
Little Rock, AR Rochester, NY
Bay Area, CA Westchester County, NY
Pasadena, CA Manhattan, NY
Irvine, CA Long Island, NY
San Diego, CA Raleigh/Durham, NC
Shanghai, China Charlotte, NC
Denver, CO Fargo, ND
Fairfield County, CT Cincinnati, OH
Dover, DE Columbus, OH
London, England Cleveland, OH
Jacksonville, FL Oklahoma City, OK
Orlando, FL Portland, OR
Tampa, FL Philadelphia, PA
Fort Lauderdale, FL Greenville, SC
Miami, FL Charleston, SC
Atlanta, GA Savannah, GA
Honolulu, HI Taipei, Taiwan
Chicago, IL Memphis, TN
Indianapolis, IN Knoxville, TN
Kansas City, KS Chattanooga, TN
Lexington, KY Houston, TX
Louisville, KY San Antonio, TX
New Orleans, LA Austin, TX
Baton Rouge, LA Dallas, TX
Portland, ME Fort Worth, TX
Annapolis, MD El Paso, TX
Bethesda, MD Salt Lake City, UT
Boston, MA Burlington, VT
Detroit, MI Seattle/Tacoma, WA
Minneapolis, MN Seattle/Redlands, WA
Jackson, MS Milwaukee, WI

Vanderbilt Road Show FAQ:

1. What exactly is the Vanderbilt Road Show?

While we encourage all families to visit campus, the Road Show provides you with one way to learn about Vanderbilt without having to travel. Each 90-minute program typically features a media presentation led by Vanderbilt admissions officers and a question-and-answer session. Join us to learn more about Vanderbilt's unique campus, premier academic programs, the admissions process, and expanded financial aid opportunities. Many events will also feature a current Vanderbilt parent, current student, or alumnus/a as a guest speaker.

2. Will my admissions officer be in attendance at the Road Show in my area?

Your admissions officer may be in attendance. All of our admission officers are knowledgeable about the admissions process, as well as campus life, so the presentation will be informative and worthwhile to attend, even if your counselor is not in attendance. If you are interested in establishing contact with him or her, you can find your admissions counselor's name and email address on the admissions counselor website.

3. My city is not listed. Will Vanderbilt be visiting my area any time soon?

Our admissions counselors travel to various cities and states to participate in high school visits or college fairs. Please check our college fair website or speak with your high school counselor to find out if we will be visiting your area soon. We also host evening programs across the United States and internationally with other colleges and universities. These joint travel programs typically include formal presentations from each school, as well as time for questions.

4. If I cannot attend a Road Show event, how can I visit campus?

All students and parents are encouraged to visit campus. You may schedule an information session and campus tour, or attend any of our campus programs. Please see our campus visit website for more information. Registration is required for all of our campus visit programs, so we encourage visitors to register in advance and confirm your visit prior to making travel arrangements.

5. May I bring my parents or friends to the Road Show?

When you register, you are welcome to include your parents in the total number of people in your party. We strongly encourage additional students to register individually for the event.

6. Do I need to wear specific attire to the Road Show?

No. Please come dressed comfortably and you may wish to bring a jacket or sweater as some venues may be drafty.

For further information, please contact