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Peabody College

What is Peabody?

Peabody majors include innovative programs in education, child development, cognitive studies, child studies, and human and organizational development. These programs magnify Peabody’s focus on improving the lives of individuals and enhancing their communities and organizations.

Peabody alumni include teachers in all fifty states and many foreign countries, as well as numerous college or university presidents and many superintendents of school systems. As a Peabody graduate, you’ll become part of a continuum of successful leaders in people-oriented careers—education, administration, public policy, business, research, and government. You may work with a foundation or nonprofit, direct a social service agency, train corporate managers, head a department of human resources, or lead a business. You may advance the behavioral sciences or provide medical and health care.

Whatever your path after Peabody, you will influence the values of your community and help shape the issues we address as a society.

Explore Our Majors

If you elect to study early childhood, elementary, or secondary education, you’ll complete a major within Peabody’s teaching and learning department and an additional, non-education major from another department or school. This is a requirement for teacher licensure and an opportunity to add dimension and value to your degree. Students in secondary education must complete another major in the College of Arts and Science through which they will satisfy most of the requirements of the Liberal Education Core.

There are 7 majors in the Peabody College.

Support & Resources


Closely affiliated with Peabody College and its Department of Special Education, the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development seeks to improve the quality of life of persons with disorders of thinking, learning, perception, communication, mood, and emotion caused by disruption of typical development.


Peabody’s Susan Gray School for Children serves as a training site for teachers and researchers and provides early intervention for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers who show developmental disabilities or delays.


Peabody College awards Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarships to incoming first-year students. Awards are made on the basis of academic achievement, intellectual promise, and leadership and contribution outside the classroom. In addition, Vanderbilt awards scholarships through the Ingram Scholars Program and the Chancellor’s Scholarship.


Beginning as first-year students and continuing through four years, recipients of Peabody College honor scholarships are eligible to participate in a college- wide honors seminar that cuts across disciplines.


Peabody College education students may combine their majors with appropriate programs in the Vanderbilt College of Arts and Science, Blair School of Music, or School of Engineering to satisfy various licensure requirements for teaching.


Qualified Peabody undergraduates can complete a bachelor’s degree on an accelerated schedule and begin working toward an advanced degree in one of Vanderbilt’s renowned graduate and professional schools.

Connect with a Current Peabody Student


Sarah Hirsh

  • Early Childhood and Elementary Education
  • Bethesda, MD

Nicholas Delporte

  • Human and Organizational Development
  • Atlanta, GA

Barton Christmas

  • Secondary Education
  • History
  • Paducah, KY

Hayley Haas

  • Human and Organizational Development
  • Palmer, AK