Design Your Dream

You’re in high school, but you’re being asked this one question more and more.

“Have you thought about where you want to go to college?”

Thought about it, yes, truly gotten serious about it, no. These are the days when you can dream, daydream, and doodle endlessly about your perfect school. It’s also a great opportunity to start narrowing the field with help from our Dream College Tracker. Whether you choose Vanderbilt or not, we want to help you get on the way to your dream college in three easy steps:

  1. Learn what you should do to make the most of your high school years.
  2. Evaluate the different college characteristics that matter most to you.
  3. Personalize your college search with our interactive Dream College Tracker.

(Select “Make a Copy” when prompted.)

Build your own list of criteria you want in a college. Create your DREAM college.