Waitlist Information for First-year Applicants

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Below are some frequently asked questions regarding Vanderbilt’s waitlist. While we hope the answers will be helpful, please contact our admissions team if you need any additional information.

What are my chances of being admitted?

Vanderbilt has admitted students from the waitlist every year for over 30 years. Because it is difficult to predict how many admitted students will choose to enroll as first-year students at Vanderbilt, it is impossible to know how many additional offers of admission we may be able to make from our waitlist. Over the last five years, an average of 11% of our enrolling class of 1,600 has been admitted from the waitlist.

Can I determine my rank on the waitlist?

The list is not maintained in any priority order because its size and composition change frequently. As additional space becomes available in early May, all students who choose to remain on the waitlist will be considered.

How can I improve my chances for admission?

Respond to the waitlist offer on your MyAppVU portal as soon as possible, and no later than May 1.

Please check your MyAppVU portal to be sure that your email address is correct. You can check your email address and make any necessary changes through the “Change Email Address” link at the bottom of the Application tab of your MyAppVU portal. We will communicate important waitlist information to you via email over the next several weeks.

When you receive email updates from our office, be sure to respond promptly as indicated. 

This is an appropriate time to provide us with any new information regarding your academic work and other activities, and to keep us informed of your continued interest in Vanderbilt. Please keep in mind that any additional materials should serve to enhance your application, not just to reiterate previously submitted information.

When will I receive a final admission decision?

Any offers of admission to waitlist candidates typically occur first in early May, on a space-available basis, and may continue through June. The first-year admission process usually ends by mid-summer. 

Will my financial aid award be affected by a waitlist admission?

Demonstrated financial need will be met for all students admitted from the waitlist who have previously submitted complete FAFSA and CSS Profile forms to the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships (OFSA). If you have need-based financial aid questions, contact OSFA at (800) 288-0204.

Will my course registration options be affected by a waitlist admission?

In most cases, your course registration options will not be affected. 

Will my housing options be affected by a waitlist admission?

Housing options are not typically affected by a waitlist admission.