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Decision Plans

Vanderbilt offers three decision plans for first-year applicants: Early Decision I, Early Decision II, and Regular Decision.

Early Decision I and II are binding decision plans, and may be appropriate for students who are committed to attending Vanderbilt if they are admitted. The applicant, a parent or guardian, and the high school counselor must sign the Early Decision Agreement, indicating the student’s commitment to attend Vanderbilt if offered admission. If the student is admitted to Vanderbilt, they must immediately withdraw applications to all other colleges and universities.

Note that Early Decision applicants will undergo the same thorough review for need-based financial assistance as Regular Decision applicants. In addition, Early Decision applicants who apply for merit-based assistance will be considered in the same review process as are Regular Decision applicants.

Regular Decision is used by the vast majority of applicants to Vanderbilt. This plan permits students to apply to any number of schools and to make their matriculation decision in the month of April, after all admission decisions are known. Students must submit the Common Application or Coalition Application and all additional materials by January 1, and decisions will be available in late March.

Application Changes

Applicants may change their Vanderbilt decision plan via the  MyAppVU  portal. Allow up to two business days for this change to be reflected on your  MyAppVU  portal. Decision plan changes can be submitted only up to 2 weeks after the decision plan deadline. The ED Agreement is required for students who change their decision plan to Early Decision 1 or 2.  

Download the Early Decision Agreement: