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Home-Schooled Students

Peabody Lawn

As long as a homeschooled student has submitted all required pieces of the application process, we will consider his or her candidacy as we would any other student. A formal homeschool supplement via the Common Application does not exist, but homeschool students should use the Additional Information sections of the Common Application and/or of the School Report to explain curricular, social, or philosophical circumstances concerning their academic preparedness.  It is often helpful to the Admissions Committee to understand the reasoning behind the homeschool choice.

The School Report should be used to upload the mandatory transcript, and any additional supporting academic documents, including a detailed curriculum guide, and/or school profile, if available. While a detailed curriculum guide is not required, it is often helpful in providing a fuller picture of the student’s academic background. You may use our optional Homeschool Curriculum Chart template, but this is certainly not required.