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Study Abroad

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Photo Credit: Shane Stever BS '10, Study Abroad New Zealand

Vanderbilt Study Abroad Programs are an integral part of our undergraduate education, and students from all four undergraduate schools take advantage of these exciting programs. Students remain fully enrolled at Vanderbilt, earn Vanderbilt credit, receive Vanderbilt financial aid and scholarships, and benefit from the involvement of the faculty and staff before, during, and after a student's time abroad.

Students must demonstrate high academic performance, clearly reasoned academic purpose, appropriate preparation, and conduct that demonstrates genuine enthusiasm for learning about that which is different. Any entering student should start planning early to enjoy this memorable opportunity.

Fast Facts

Vanderbilt students have the opportunity to study abroad in 36 different countries on six continents through 120+ different programs.

Thirty-five percent of students at Vanderbilt choose to study abroad. The choices include a semester, an entire academic year, a summer or a Maymester.

The top five destinations for Vanderbilt students are Australia, Spain, Denmark, United Kingdom, and France.

As of June 2012, new programs have been added in Jordan, Kenya, Uganda, Switzerland, Brazil, and Serbia-Bosnia-Kosovo (one program which visits three countries).