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Undergraduate Admissions


Library projection Professor chalkboard A&S student

Students seek out Vanderbilt because of rich academic offerings in each of our four undergraduate schools. Close professor-student connections are made easily, not only because of our 8:1 student-faculty ratio, but also because of the Vanderbilt culture. Easy access to professors is expected and the daily and continuous dialogue between professors and students is an intentional part of the academic climate at Vanderbilt.

Find Your Major Whether you are studying classical music with a world-renowned musician, exploring Antarctica with a famous geologist, viewing a movie at a local theatre with a well-known politician, or having lunch with an engineering professor named a MacArthur Fellow, your academic experience at Vanderbilt will go well beyond classroom walls.

While you will apply to one of our four undergraduate schools, you will be encouraged to take advantage of our interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning, and to take classes and explore your interests across schools. You will join a campus composed of students and faculty from far-reaching backgrounds — each bringing a perspective far different from your own.

Enjoy exploring our 65+ majors and get to know our schools, professors, and current students.