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‘Transfer Admissions’

First-Year and Transfer Waitlists Closed

Jul. 13, 2015—The fall 2015 incoming first-year and transfer classes are now full, and we are closing these waitlists. We have emailed a notification to those of you who remained active on our waitlist in order to update you as quickly as possible. To all students who were placed on either of our waitlists but who did...

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Talking Transfers

Mar. 10, 2015—With the transfer application priority deadline only weeks away, Admissions Counselor David Lazo has the guidance, insight, and advice to help you finish your application on time.

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First-Year and Transfer Wait Lists Closed

Jul. 16, 2014—With the incoming first-year and transfer classes for fall of 2014 now full, I write today to announce that we are closing these wait lists.  We have emailed those of you who indicated your continued interest in admission to Vanderbilt in order to update you as quickly as possible. To all students who were placed...

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Lessons from a Departing Admissions Counselor

May. 29, 2014—The most important things I have learned in my 3 years in the Vanderbilt OUA.

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So You’re a Transfer Student

Mar. 28, 2012—Carolyn explains how the admissions process works for our undergraduate transfer students.

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Transfer Admissions

Apr. 8, 2009—After mailing day we are frequently asked about upcoming vacations and whether or not office activity will slow down. The truth is that the admissions cycle runs continually throughout the year and that those brief moments of relaxation and cleaning serve as the transition into our next step: transfer admissions. Vanderbilt continues to serve students...

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