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‘Thanksgiving Break’

Happy Thanksgiving from OUA

Nov. 23, 2016—With the Thanksgiving holiday just one day away, many in the Vanderbilt community are reflecting on the reasons we’re thankful. Check out the video below to see Vanderbilt Tour Guides Lexi Banks, Mason Boudrye, Halle Best, and Waleed Shaban discuss their favorite Thanksgiving traditions as well as the reasons they are thankful this season. As for...

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Happy Thanksgiving from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Nov. 24, 2015—As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, many in the Vanderbilt community are taking to social media to share the reasons we’re thankful, using #VUthankful. As you can see from the collection of responses at, we have a lot to be thankful for! One theme seems particularly strong:  family, friends, classmates, professors, colleagues … we are...

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Happy Thanksgiving from the OUA

Nov. 26, 2014—From all of us in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, we wish you a restful, relaxing break and look forward to speaking with you when we return!

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On to Finals

Dec. 2, 2009—This is always an interesting time of year at Vanderbilt. Everyone has just returned from a week-long (plus two weekends) Thanksgiving Break. It’s not wise for us professors to suggest to our students that they’re going off on vacation for a week. The way our academic calendar is structured, students inevitably have some work, sometimes...

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The Family Reunion Two Question Phenomenon

Nov. 24, 2009—If you're a college applying senior though the gathering of uncle Sid and aunt Colleen over the holiday means one thing, you better have an answer for those inevitable two questions you'll be getting: "Where do you want to go next year?" and "What do you want to major in?" My advice: make something up and make it awkward funny.

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It’s a quiet Friday morning on The Commons

Nov. 21, 2009—It’s a quiet Friday morning on The Commons. The campus is pausing for a week-long Thanksgiving Break that begins tomorrow. Many people are headed home. Others, especially students who live abroad, will stay here or travel elsewhere in the United States. Hard to believe that it’s “only” been twelve weeks since the semester began in...

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