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The Family Reunion Two Question Phenomenon

Posted by on Tuesday, November 24, 2009 in Admissions Committee, Early Decision.

You know how people talk about made up Hallmark holidays?  You know like Sweetest Day or Talk Like a Pirate Day, and who can forget the parades during NoSHAVEmber (i.e., national beard month).  If this admissions thing doesn’t pan out and I become Chief Holiday Maker and Thanksgiving doesn’t already exist in said parallel universe, that will be my first act on the job.  An autumn day devoted to hanging out with family, eating, and football.  Perfection defined.

If you’re a college applying senior though the gathering of uncle Sid and aunt Colleen over the holiday means one thing, you better have an answer for those inevitable two questions you’ll be getting:  “Where do you want to go to school next year?”  and “What do you want to major in?”  My advice: make something up and make it awkwardly funny, if for no one else but for you.  Things like “I plan to attend carnie school to learn the ancient art of weight guessing.”  Or “Currently I’m searching for a school with a very lenient dorm pet policy as I have recently taken to indoor alpaca herding.”

In Vandy OUA, we have a security policy that an applicant’s file cannot leave the greater Nashville area (no taking files on the road, etc).  A nice by-product of this policy is some mandated down-time over the Thanksgiving break since most of our staff fan out across the country for some homemade pumpkin pie.  The Vandy students are already gone for break as Dean Wcislo mentioned but the University officially closes on Thursday and Friday.  When we all return, we will have one more week of reading before ED I admissions committee starts a week from this Friday.

By the way, today is Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day.  Thanks Hallmark, you’re the awesomeist.

New Voices on the Admissions Blog

As you have already noticed, we’ve added some additional perspectives to the blog.  Kylie’s made her first post – you’ll be hearing more from her as the year goes on.  Plus, we’ll be having many more guest blogs from across the University.  If there is a topic or a particular person you’d like to hear from, post a comment or send us an email.

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