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5 Application Tips

Oct. 21, 2016—Editor’s Note:  This post first appeared on The Bridge Blog, a publication from QuestBridge. To learn more about Vanderbilt’s partnership with QuestBridge, check out this post from our archives. The college application. A summation of your high school experience and a guide to who you think you’d like to become in the future. Naturally, it is...

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Vanderbilt Applications Now Available

Aug. 1, 2014—Prospective Commodores, it’s time to take the first step in making your college dream a reality: applications are now available through the Common Application and the Universal College Application.

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What We Look For In An Application

Feb. 3, 2014—Carolyn lays out the five major components that each of our admissions counselors looks for and values in a Vanderbilt application.

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I’m on the Wait List! Now What?

Apr. 4, 2012—Carolyn updates our wait-listed applicants on their next steps in the admissions process.

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A Counselor’s View of Committee

Dec. 27, 2011—Carolyn Pippen on her first Committee experience

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How I Read a File

Dec. 5, 2011—Carolyn Pippen on how she reads admissions files.

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