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Stories from the Road

Nov. 11, 2013—Several of our admissions counselors recount their favorite travel tales of 2013.

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Midterm Fall Sports Update

Oct. 15, 2013—With homecoming and Fall Break now in the rearview mirror, we’ve entered the stretch of the fall semester when Vanderbilt students get a reality check in the form of midterm exams. In the same spirit, here’s a quick midterm check-in on the progress of Commodore student athletes this semester.

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What is positive advocacy?

Oct. 10, 2013—With applications rolling in, I’m excited to learn more about the upcoming selection process. So I asked some of my colleagues about the philosophy of positive advocacy, the idea that admissions counselors open each application looking for the reasons to admit students rather than reasons to deny them.

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Registration Open for 2013 Road Shows

Jul. 2, 2013—Carolyn offers details on this year's Road Show tour, which will cover 42 cities in 27 states.

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Fall Joint Travel

Sep. 7, 2012—Carolyn highlights the recruiting trips several of our counselors will be taking with representatives from other institutions.

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A Few Words on Admissions’ New Website

Jan. 27, 2012—Ryan unpacks some of the thinking behind Admissions' new website.

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