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‘File Reading’

Great Minds Think Alike

Mar. 16, 2018—You’ve heard about what we did during your summer vacation.  You know we travel extensively during the fall. But have you ever wondered what actually happens when your Vanderbilt admissions counselors are all back in the office together? In addition to running visit programs like Black & Gold Days and the work of reading all those...

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Student Organizations at Vanderbilt

Nov. 21, 2013—Explore the Anchor Link tool to find out how Vanderbilt students are getting involved on campus and around Nashville.

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What is positive advocacy?

Oct. 10, 2013—With applications rolling in, I’m excited to learn more about the upcoming selection process. So I asked some of my colleagues about the philosophy of positive advocacy, the idea that admissions counselors open each application looking for the reasons to admit students rather than reasons to deny them.

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A Counselor’s Year in Review

Jun. 4, 2012—Carolyn reflects on her first year as a counselor in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

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So You’re a Transfer Student

Mar. 28, 2012—Carolyn explains how the admissions process works for our undergraduate transfer students.

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The Most Wonderful Time

Dec. 22, 2011—"Happy Holidays" from the OUA and a few notes on our holiday hours

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