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February, 2019

Transfer Admissions to Vanderbilt – What you should know

Feb. 22, 2019—If you’re a student considering transfer admissions, you likely have a lot of questions on your mind. What will life be like at a new school? Will any of my credits transfer? What support is available for transfer students? Can I get financial aid? Oh, and what are the application requirements? We’re here to help,...

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Class of 2023 – Early Decision by the Numbers

Feb. 20, 2019—On Friday we released admissions decisions for the Early Decision II applicants to the Vanderbilt Class of 2023. With that, we’ve finished the Early Decision portion of admission to the new class, and we’re able to share some summary statistics about our new students. This is an amazingly talented group, and we look forward to...

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Early Decision II – Decisions Available Online February 15

Feb. 14, 2019—As of Friday, February 15, after 5:00 p.m. Central Time, decisions for Early Decision II applicants will be available online through MyAppVU. See the online decision release notes below for more details about how to check your decision. We’re honored that so many talented students chose to apply through Early Decision II. This group of applicants...

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Personalize Your College Search

Feb. 8, 2019—While many high school seniors are patiently awaiting college decisions at this time of year, if you’re younger, you may just be starting your college search process. If you’re a sophomore, you’re probably starting to get asked if you’ve thought about where you want to go to college. Have you started to put some thought...

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Making the Most of the Undergraduate Catalog

Feb. 1, 2019—What’s black and white, 396 pages long and full of good information?! The Vanderbilt University Undergraduate Catalog! Whether I’m out on the road or back in the office here in Nashville, I am often asked questions about specific majors or courses. While I certainly do my best to answer them, I often find myself directing...

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