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August, 2016

Introducing New Blogger Keldrick L. Stephens

Aug. 8, 2016—Hello, world! My name is Keldrick L. Stephens and I am truly ecstatic to join the Office of Admissions team as an admissions counselor and contributor to the OUA Admissions Blog—I sincerely hope that you can sense my enthusiasm! I look forward to sharing any additional knowledge and valuable insight on the admissions process. This...

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Pets of OUA

Aug. 5, 2016—While, sadly, allergies have prevented me from having a pet of my own, I have still always shared in the love of furry creatures. There is just something about a small fluffy puppy or a sweet soft cat that lifts the spirits. Even though I can’t have a dog or cat of my own, my...

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Applications Now Available

Aug. 2, 2016—For high school seniors across the country, the college admissions process is about to get real. With applications becoming available, it’s now officially the start of college application season. Seniors, it’s your time to shine. At Vanderbilt we have four ways to apply:  the Coalition Application, Common Application, QuestBridge Application, and the Universal College Application. We...

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