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Hello, from the tour guides

Posted by on Monday, February 8, 2016 in Vandy Bloggers, Visit Vanderbilt.

As you go through the college search process, a campus visit can play an important role in finding your fit with a school. After all, a college can seem perfect for you on paper, but then lack a certain ineffable quality when you visit. I’ve personally lost track of how many Vanderbilt students have told me they “just knew they belonged” when they walked on campus for a visit.

Many of those students who found their fit on a VU tour are now themselves Vanderbilt Tour Guides, and they’re ready to return the favor to today’s prospective students. Who are they? They represent each of Vanderbilt’s undergraduate schools. They come from across the country and around the world. They’re involved more campus organizations and activities and I can list.

And they’re the kind of students who put together this amazing Adele-inspired video …

Now, you know you want to come to Nashville and get a tour from these guides!

We offer a range of programs to help prospective students visit campus – check them out below. And when you visit, be sure to thank your tour guide!

Campus Visit Programs

  • Daily Information Session and Tour — One-hour presentation followed by an approximately 90-minute tour. Open to the public, registration required. Note: our campus tour does not include the Blair School of Music. Schedule a tour of Blair here.
  • ‘Dore for a Day — Shadow a current Vanderbilt student at this half-day program designed for high school juniors, seniors, and admitted students.
  • Global ‘Dore for a Day — Shadow a current Vanderbilt student at this half-day program designed for internationalhigh school juniors, seniors, and admitted students.
  • Black and Gold Days — Half-day visit program for high school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.
  • PreVU — Get an in-depth look at Vanderbilt at this full-day campus visit program. Open to rising high school seniors only.
  • Organization Visits — For high school groups or organizations of 15 – 85 members, these visits operate just like our Daily Information Session and Tour.
  • Virtual Tour — Can’t visit? With current Vanderbilt students as guides, the virtual tour gives users an experience of campus rivaled only by an actual visit. (Available in English, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish.)
  • Class Visit Options

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