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‘campus visit programs’

Spring Visit Options

Mar. 8, 2018—Spring has sprung here in Nashville! For students at Vanderbilt, spring means that Rites of Spring and  final exams are on the horizon. For juniors and seniors in high school, spring is a time to start ramping up or wrapping up the college search process! Usually this means many visits to college campuses. Here are...

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Google Hangouts for Admitted Students

Mar. 28, 2016—Congratulations, Vanderbilt Class of 2020, you’re in! We know you may have more questions than ever about Vanderbilt now that you’ve been admitted. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. In addition to our usual lines of communication — admitted student visit programs, contacting your admissions counselor or a current student, joining the official Class of...

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Hello, from the tour guides

Feb. 8, 2016—As you go through the college search process, a campus visit can play an important role in finding your fit with a school. After all, a college can seem perfect for you on paper, but then lack a certain ineffable quality when you visit. I’ve personally lost track of how many Vanderbilt students have told...

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