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December, 2015

A Look Back at 2015

Dec. 31, 2015—As I sit with my family in Maine looking out on the first snowstorm of the year, I can’t help but think about what an exciting year it has been for Vanderbilt and OUA. Our staff has seen another year for the record books, as we’ve traveled to almost every state in the nation (accumulating...

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Hanging out with Vanderbilt Students, Diversity Edition

Dec. 28, 2015—Today we continue our series of Google Hangouts with current students with a discussion about campus diversity. The conversation includes topics such as student organizations, campus cultural resources, the student experience, move-in, and more. Check out the full discussion in the video below. You can view our previous Google Hangouts at the links below: Academics...

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The deadlines are coming! The deadlines are coming!

Dec. 22, 2015—Yes, it’s true:  the deadlines are coming. But fear not! This is no time to be stressed; this is a time to celebrate. Years of hard work, long nights studying, hours spent attending weekly club meetings, practicing for games, and dedication to bettering your community are all culminating in the beauty that is a complete...

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Welcome to Vanderbilt, #vu2020

Dec. 18, 2015—One week ago, we released Early Decision I results and welcomed the newest Commodores to the Vanderbilt community. Since being admitted, these new ‘Dores have been sharing their excitement across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and the rest of the social media landscape. It’s been so much fun to watch! Check it out for yourself with the embedded slideshow below:...

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Applying as an International Student

Dec. 17, 2015—The college application process can be an intimidating experience, especially if you are considering leaving your home country to study in the United States. Don’t worry, though, because our international admissions team has the tips and advice to help you through the process of applying to Vanderbilt as an international student. Here are the top...

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Early Decision I Decisions Available Online Dec. 11

Dec. 10, 2015—We’re almost ready to welcome the first members of the Vanderbilt Class of 2020! As of Friday, December 11, after 5:30 p.m. Central Time, admissions decisions for Early Decision I applicants will be available online through MyAppVU. Check the online decision release notes below for more details about checking your decision. We are thrilled with...

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