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‘vanderbilt application process’

Introducing New Blogger Anisha Patel

Sep. 30, 2015—Hi everyone! My name is Anisha Patel, and like my colleague Zeben Ashton, I’m both a Vanderbilt admissions counselor and one of the newest members of the Vanderbilt admissions blogging team. I am so excited to share with you all my tips for navigating the admissions process, and stories from my time on the road as a representative of my Alma mater, Vanderbilt University!

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Introducing New Blogger Zeben Ashton

Aug. 27, 2015—Hi y’all! My name is Zeben Ashton (Zeb), and in addition to serving as a Vanderbilt admissions counselor, I’m one of the newest members of the Vanderbilt Admissions blogging team. I look forward to sharing my insights into the college search and application processes.

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Guest Blog: Context Counts

Dec. 19, 2011—Admissions Counselor Dustin Lynn combats false assumptions about the selective admissions process.

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Our Own Selection Sunday

Mar. 15, 2010—Sports talk radio was hammering the NCAA basketball selection committee as I waded through traffic and rain drops this morning. The committee was enduring the yearly second guessing of their work and as they did I thought about how I spent my day yesterday – in Vanderbilt’s own selection committee. I feel for them. Admissions...

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