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Understanding College Admissions Decisions Plans – Early Action, Early Decision, and Regular Decision

Oct. 13, 2019—If you’re a high school senior starting the process of applying to college, you may be thinking about decision plan to use. Colleges offer varying decision plans with different deadlines, different levels of commitment, and different dates when you’ll find out admissions decisions. We’re here today with an overview of some of the main types...

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Next Steps for Enrolling First-Year Students

Apr. 29, 2014—I have accepted my spot in the Class of 2018 - what do I do now?

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Early Action, Early Decision, and Regular Decision: What’s the Difference?

Aug. 13, 2013—Carolyn breakdowns the different decisions plans you may come across when applying to college.

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I’m Admitted – Now What?

Apr. 12, 2013—Carolyn gives an update and some helpful tips for our admitted students.

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