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‘how to apply’

How To: Complete Your Application

Oct. 21, 2013—This may sound like the simplest part of the process, but it is arguably the most important. Follow these steps to make sure your application is successfully submitted.

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How To: Letters of Recommendation

Sep. 27, 2013—Last week I gave several tips on how to write your personal essay. Next up in our “How To” series on the application process: letters of recommendation. As you go about completing your application for admission, your intent should be to accurately portray yourself as a person, as a member of your community, and most...

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How To: Write Your Personal Essay

Sep. 11, 2013—As fall begins, so does application season. To help guide your way, Carolyn offers advice on all aspects of the application process, beginning with your personal essay.

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Part II – The DOs of Applying to College.

Mar. 5, 2010—This is part II of a three part article.  Check out part I (Don’ts of Applying).  I spoke to the junior students and parents regarding the Do’s and Don’ts of the College Search Process. For any of you juniors (or sophomores) this will hopefully be a helpful list of what to do and what not...

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