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‘History Department’


Jun. 26, 2015—Departing Admissions Counselor David Lazo has some advice for students embarking on their college search process.

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Meet the New Inside ‘Dores

Jan. 16, 2015—This year, the Inside ‘Dores blog has welcomed nine new students to the ranks. Consider this post your introduction to the new student bloggers and the highlights of their work so far.

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Faculty View: First-year Writing Seminars, Part 1

Nov. 13, 2014—Jay recently asked several professors what it is like to teach the First-year Writing Seminars, the small-group, discussion based courses that all students in the College of Arts and Science take during their first year at Vanderbilt.

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"Back to School, Back to School"

Jan. 28, 2010—Download Professor Bess’s WWII lecture. Yes, I am referencing Adam Sandler’s song from “Billy Madison” and yes, that last statement made me look old (you were probably three when that movie came out) and yes, last week I went back to school. Last week I returned to my one of favorite lectures and my favorite...

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