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Vanderbilt in Pop Culture Category

Undergraduate Faculty in the News

Dec. 3, 2011—The first in a series of posts highlighting Vanderbilt faculty in the media.

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Vesna Pavlović Featured in 12th Istanbul Biennial

Nov. 3, 2011—Professor Pavlović’s accomplishments provide yet another glimpse into why Vanderbilt consistently ranks highly across the globe and has served as a magnet for international students since the university opened its doors in 1875.

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Exciting News from the International Student and Scholar Services Office

Jan. 13, 2010—The International Student and Scholar Services Office serves over 1300 internationals from 92 countries. The following are some upcoming events: International Lens– a film series with a global perspective, uses film screenings as a forum to promote conversation among Vanderbilt’s diverse community of students, faculty, and staff. International Lens strives to transcend geographic, ethnic, religious,...

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On to Finals

Dec. 2, 2009—This is always an interesting time of year at Vanderbilt. Everyone has just returned from a week-long (plus two weekends) Thanksgiving Break. It’s not wise for us professors to suggest to our students that they’re going off on vacation for a week. The way our academic calendar is structured, students inevitably have some work, sometimes...

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Vandy and Seger: Like a Rock

Aug. 4, 2009—Well done to VUMEd86, Julia, and Jonathan for correctly guessing Bob Seger as the inspiration for the Vanderbilt Roadshow logo.

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Deposit and Decline Reports: Shoe Officially on the Other Foot

Apr. 1, 2009—I had mentioned on this blog before that the time will come when us admissions folks will wait on your decisions. That time has officially arrived.

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