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May, 2011

Best Wishes!

May. 25, 2011—This is my last blog as a Vanderbilt admissions counselor.  I am incredibly sad to type that, but I am also excited for the future.  I’m not leaving the profession because I absolutely LOVE what I do.  However, I am “jumping to the other side of the desk” – I’ll be a college counselor on...

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Offers to WL Students Begin

May. 5, 2011—As we had hoped, we will use the waitlist this year to complete our Vanderbilt Class of 2015.  Over the next several weeks we will be offering admission to some students who are active on our waitlist.  To understand how our waitlist operates, read my previous post on that matter.  Some points to remember:

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Transfer FAQ: Will my credits transfer?

May. 3, 2011—OUA admissions counselors received many calls and emails lately regarding transfer credit and I thought it might be prudent to address it here. First, I am going to refer you to our Transfer FAQ page, where you’ll find the answer to your most general credit-related questions. Then, let me briefly review the process for the...

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