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April, 2011

Transfer Update

Apr. 28, 2011—Thank you to our transfer students for being patient with us throughout this process.  I know the vast majority of admissions information out there aims to serve first-time freshmen and their families. However, Vanderbilt has not forsaken our transfer students! Somehow my daily responsibilities moved from regular decision mailing day to spring travel to transfer...

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Waitlist Update

Apr. 26, 2011—Wow.  A few months ago April 1 seemed like the magic date when everything would settle down, but here we are at the end of April and admission work is still full steam ahead!  I’m busy and I know you and your family are busy so let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

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PreVU Registration Now Open!

Apr. 15, 2011—Spend a day getting the inside story on our admissions process, learning more about our superior academics, finding out how we support diversity, discovering what we do to make Vanderbilt affordable, taking a campus tour, and seeing for yourself what life is like at one of America’s top universities.

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Inside a Vanderbilt Project

Apr. 11, 2011—On this blog we spend most of the time talking about the ins/outs of admissions.  I’m always pushing my readers to Inside ‘Dores to get the inside perspective of class and social life on campus.  This past week I learned about a great class project that evolved into a campus movement and I thought it...

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I am on the waitlist. Now what?

Apr. 7, 2011—The first thing I would say to a student on the waitlist is congratulations.  No, seriously.  In this hyper competitive admissions environment our waitlist hosts an amazing selection of academic all-stars.  Make no mistake- the waitlist was not haphazardly thrown together.  It was carefully crafted so that we have the absolute best students to choose...

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