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New Data Science Minor for Fall 2021

Jan. 29, 2021—One strength of the Vanderbilt experience is a flexible, interdisciplinary academic experience. Whether you’re a neuroscientist with a passion for dance or a mechanical engineer who’s fascinated by pre-Columbian cultures, Vanderbilt’s diverse academic programs allow you can explore what matters most to you. Today, those options are growing even greater with the addition of VU’s...

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What Should I Major In?

Nov. 2, 2016—“What should I major in?” As an admissions officer, this is a question I frequently get from high school seniors in the college search process. Well-prepared high school students have nearly endless opportunities in front of them, and that can be a bit overwhelming at times. But have no fear; the Vanderbilt Admissions Blog is...

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Pre-Professional Studies at Vanderbilt

Oct. 16, 2015—What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s a question from childhood, but as you make your way through high school and sort through the college search process, it’s one that young adults also face. When I was 5 years old, my lone career goal was to become Spiderman, but since no...

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