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‘Demonstrated Interest’

Wait List FAQ 2014 Edition

Apr. 4, 2014—Have you been wait-listed at Vanderbilt? Do you have questions about what that means? Never fear!

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I’m on the Wait List – Now What?

Apr. 12, 2013—Carolyn gives an update and some helpful tips for our wait-listed students.

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Fall Campus Visits: Everything You Wanted to Know and More

Oct. 9, 2012—Carolyn dishes out a ton of useful information on how to prepare for a fall campus visit to Vanderbilt.

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Of Prom Dates and "Demonstrated" Interest

Jan. 14, 2009—Don’t judge me but I love Family Guy. I’m not like overly zealous Simpsons-guy or anything like that, I mean I don’t own any of the DVD’s (although I do have all seasons of Entourage and Arrested Development). Peter Griffin has a short stint on the local news doing stand-in op-ed pieces called “What Really Grinds My Gears” which involved nonsensical rants about lindsay Lohan and Starwars. Demonstrated interest, in its current incantation in college admissons, is one of mine.

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