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Vanderbilt Admissions AMA 2015

Mar. 25, 2015—We just finished reviewing over 31,000 applications – Ask Me Anything. Now's your chance to ask all of your VU admissions questions!

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I’m Just a Brochure: The Life of a Vanderbilt Publication

Oct. 7, 2013—If you're a high school student who has started the college search process, you probably have stacks of brochures, pamphlets, and post cards from various schools. But have you ever wondered where exactly these publications come from? Carolyn gives you the back-story on the life of a VU publication.

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I Get By With a Little Help…

Mar. 2, 2012—Carolyn shows us how current Vanderbilt students get involved in the undergraduate admissions process.

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Behind the Scenes of the OUA

Feb. 17, 2012—A Q&A with our processing staff shows us how your file gets from Point A to Point B.

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