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Vanderbilt Computer Science Category

What Should I Major In?

Nov. 2, 2016—“What should I major in?” As an admissions officer, this is a question I frequently get from high school seniors in the college search process. Well-prepared high school students have nearly endless opportunities in front of them, and that can be a bit overwhelming at times. But have no fear; the Vanderbilt Admissions Blog is...

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VUSE Closes Out the Year in Award-Winning Style

May. 25, 2012—Students and faculty in the Vanderbilt School of Engineering are rewarded for another year of hard work and innovation.

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Building – Building – Building

Sep. 23, 2009—Renovation to the Historic Old Gym Continues. We now see where the new entrance to our new visitor's space will be. They are also beginning the restoration of the tall windows in the southern side of the building. Exciting Stuff.

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