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Vanderbilt Alternative Spring Break Category

Why VU? The Final Stretch

May. 2, 2012—Junior Ryan Khodadadi shares his academic and extracurricular experiences as a Vanderbilt undergraduate.

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Who Needs a “Break”? Not Us!

Mar. 9, 2012—Carolyn highlights some of the "nontraditional" spring break options Vanderbilt students can pursue.

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Service Work at Vanderbilt

Feb. 16, 2010—During high school I was president of a service organization. As a RA in college I was required to coordinate monthly service projects that the women on my floor would find engaging. Service work was a fairly regular part of life. However, when I started graduate studies I found myself repeatedly finding reasons why I...

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Things That Are Chock Full of Awesome: March Edition

Mar. 4, 2009—Things that are chock full of awesome: 1. Vanderbilt students are scattered to the winds for Spring Break, including our ASB Groups out there helping hundreds if not thousands of people, go 'Dores. Selfishly, I celebrate increased parking spots.

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