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Admissions deadlines for Admissions Officers

Feb. 16, 2009—You think you're the only one that gets stressed meeting admissions deadlines? Our officers are reading their eyeballs out right now, pouring over applications trying to meet our own internal priority deadlines. In our office, we set goals as to when all applications should be first read, second read, and decisioned (more on this term and a minute), etc. One such priority deadline is coming up this week.

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Tenth Day Enrollment Update

Sep. 17, 2008—  Recently, the annual “10th day” came and went here on Vanderbilt’s campus.  Tenth day, uncreatively referring to the 10th day of the Fall semester when we line up all the students on alumni lawn and physically count them all.  Well, not really, but we do take a final snapshot of the current state of...

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Hitting “Shuffle”

Dec. 27, 2007—My birth year says that I’m a member of Generation X. We were one of the first to embrace random bite-sized info. Early adopters of ADD. That and grungy plaid. And maybe a culture of ennui too . . . so like whatever. Chance me It is a guilty pleasure to log on to College...

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