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Tenth Day Enrollment Update

Posted by on Wednesday, September 17, 2008 in Diversity at Vanderbilt, Freshman Commons, Standardized Testing, VU Admissions Statistics.


Class of 2012 . . . Recently, the annual “10th day” came and went here on Vanderbilt’s campus.  Tenth day, uncreatively referring to the 10th day of the Fall semester when we line up all the students on alumni lawn and physically count them all.  Well, not really, but we do take a final snapshot of the current state of Vanderbilt’s enrollment (much like the one taken above of the new class of 2012).  It is also when the data on that incoming class becomes final.  In nearly every sense, this year’s Vanderbilt’s incoming class was historic.

 We wanted you to have the final Vanderbilt stats for this year, so here you go:

  • Vanderbilt’s Undergraduate Enrollment: 6,637
  • Incoming Class of 2008-09: 1,569

Admissions-related statistics for the incoming class of 2008-09:

  • Total Applications: 16,944 (up 31% over last year, and nearly doubled since 2000)
  • Percent Admitted Overall: 25%
  • Percent of incoming class in the top 10% of their HS graduating class: 84%
  • SAT (M + CR) Middle 50%: 1330 – 1500
  • ACT Composite Middle 50%: 30 – 33
  • Different High Schools represented in incoming class: 934
  • Percent of incoming class identifying as a student of color: 23%

News you can’t use

In a recent Trendtopper Media Buzz analysis, Vanderbilt University ranked first among national Colleges and Universities in “media momentum,” defined as having the largest growth in references in worldwide media (traditional press and in the Blogosphere) in the past year.

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  • Matt Cobb

    September 18th, 2008

    Hey Thom, the picture may be ‘broken’. It didn’t show up for me in Google Reader, or when I opened the blog with IE7 or Firefox.