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Mid-Year Reports Category

Frequently Asked Questions (regarding your Vanderbilt application)

Jan. 12, 2015—Here is an easy source for your frequently asked questions regarding your Vanderbilt admissions application for the 2014-2015.

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The Waiting

Jan. 23, 2013—Carolyn outlines some next steps for those of you who have completed and submitted your application for admission.

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Vandy Snow Day and EDII 2010 Update

Jan. 31, 2010—Nashville got blanketed with 4-6" of snow over the weekend. Vandy students promptly went B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Early decision II committee started Friday and it will likely conclude this Tuesday. Last year we mailed EDII letters on February 6, 2009, and we will shoot for a similar early mailing date (early from our publically stated February 15 EDII notification date) as is our general practice. As we did last year, I will make sure to let everyone know when the letters have left the building.

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The Road to Resilience: Next steps no matter what letter you received

Dec. 24, 2009—What to do if you were admitted at ED1, not admitted at ED1, incomplete at ED1, or are still pulling together your application materials for ED2 or Regular Decision to Vanderbilt.

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Admitted at ED?: advice for approaching the rest of your senior year

Jan. 16, 2009—All admitted students to Vanderbilt will be asked to submit a final transcript once it comes available and it never fails that we see a very small handful of students who packed up the intellectual circus a little early that last semester. At that point our office has a decision to make, and it is a no-one-size-fits-all determination. My general advice is succinct, if not completely predictable, don't risk it.

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