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Undergraduates Help Make History Through Next Steps

Feb. 3, 2012—Ryan Burleson on the great volunteer opportunities available for undergraduates through the Kennedy Center's groundbreaking Next Steps program.

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Degrees of Social Change

May. 13, 2009—Many of you are graduating from high school this month or next. I want to give you some homework for the summer. I want you to begin to daydream about what you'll be about as a college student. Most importantly, I want you to give yourself permission to play with those ideas in your head, those big ideas.

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Late Afternoon Scholarship Update: 2009 Ingram Scholars Announced

Feb. 20, 2009—More merit-based scholarship news out of Vanderbilt. Late this afternoon, the Ingram Scholarship Program announced the 19 newest Ingram Scholars for the incoming class of 2009.

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