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And Then There Were Files: ED I and Front Yard Football

Nov. 18, 2008—It was a moment a couple Sundays ago.  On the couch, my 2.5 year old playing quietly on the floor in front of me, the Titans game on in front of him.  Nothing too remarkable about the exact moment really when I realized this would be last weekend without file reading.  The clicking of Matchbox...

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Vandy Admissions Deadlines: Your to-do list for this weekend

Oct. 31, 2008—There’s a great line from an Arrested Development episode, spoken as a teaser by a TV news anchor, “Packs of wolves loose on the streets of Orange County – we’ll tell you what it means for your weekend when we come back.”  Just thought of it when I was writing the title for this post. ...

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The ED & Financial Aid Quandary

Oct. 16, 2008—We got a really good question about Early Decision & fin aid from Talha and I thought I would answer it here instead of replying over email. “Hey bloggers, I was wondering wheather (sic) applying early decision to Vander-awsome-bilt would affect at all the financial need of a student/family. I know that once you are accepted...

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Three Promises

Oct. 3, 2008—I might have the greatest job in the world. I get to travel. I get to meet intelligent, interesting young people. When not traveling, I go to work on a beautiful campus in the middle of Nashville. I even have a season baseball ticket.   Still, the best part is that I can make some...

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The College Admissions Essay Part II: Beyond gimmicks and hooks

Sep. 12, 2008—We talked yesterday about the importance of voice in your college application essay.   Today let’s discuss the second insight your college application gives our admission officers, specifically, how you put your thoughts together to convey a point. In college a buddy of mine introduced me to a friend of his at a party like this, “Hey...

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First-Year Philosophy (Things You Should Know Now, so You Don't Feel Goofy Later)

May. 27, 2008—Like Carl Jung, you could hear your inner self telling you – almost imploring you to listen…just this once. Of course, as usual – you went against the wishes of your subconscious and you brought with you – on move-in day – in your first year of college that outdated shirt that flung you in...

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