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Vandy Admissions Deadlines: Your to-do list for this weekend

Posted by on Friday, October 31, 2008 in Advice for Parents, Application Process, Early Decision, File Reading Explained, Political Life at Vanderbilt.

There’s a great line from an Arrested Development episode, spoken as a teaser by a TV news anchor, “Packs of wolves loose on the streets of Orange County – we’ll tell you what it means for your weekend when we come back.”  Just thought of it when I was writing the title for this post.  I digress.

1) If you are applying Early Decision 1, and have yet to submit your application, the due date is November 1st.  We get asked sometimes if everything must be received by November 1 (or January 3 for ED2 and RD): the answer is no.  Focus on getting the application submitted/postmarked (if you are snail-mailing it), and then you can work with your school,  recommendation letter writers, and testing organizations to complete your application.  Once the application is received we (of course) allow students to complete the application. 

2) Vote early, if you can. 

3) Dress up for Halloween.  For example, today I am dressed as an early middle-aged admissions officer.  I went all out too, V-neck sweater, Dockers khakis, the whole bit.  Awesome.

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